Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD – A Great Alternative to Pfizer

Unfortunately, Pfizer takes the leading positions (along with Eli Lilly) in manufacturing erectile dysfunction pills. Many people pay huge sums of money for helping Viagra pills that are even called “magic blue pills”. These pills actually assist to cope with practically all signs of erectile dysfunction in males of all ages. However, the main secret of brand Viagra is use of Sildenafil that is quite cheap. When you pay for Viagra pills, half of your money is spent for the brand. If you don’t want to pay more only for the brand you should try one of cheaper Sildenafil based pills made by Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD.

Pfizer Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD is an Indian pharmaceutical corporation that was founded in 1961. It was based on the famous Japanese company Daiichi Sankyo that bought all controlling shares in 2008. In other words, this Japanese-Indian pharmaceutical company has a solid manufacture base for research, manufactures and sales of their own generics based on the active component of Viagra – Sildenafil.

Since Pfizer has exclusive rights to sell Viagra in regular UK pharmacies, Ranbaxy promotes their pharmaceutical products online, including UK online pharmacies. The company sets its own prices and offers unique medical products. Among the most popular pills made by Ranbaxy are Zocor for treatment of heart conditions (as a cheaper analogue to Lipitor) and Eriacta as the cheaper version of Viagra.

Eriacta as one of the popular products manufactured by Ranbaxy

In addition to FDA confirmed pills like Viagra or Kamagra that are both based on Sildenafil and manufactured by Pfizer, there are Eriacta pills.

Ranbaxy According to the chemical composition of Eriacta is virtually indistinguishable from the original Viagra pills. But its price is less than in half. The lower price of generic Eriacta is the lack of spending on advertising and promotion on the market.

The action of Eriacta made by Ranbaxy is manifested through half an hour after administration, the pill acts (typically 50mg) for about 4-5 hours. If you need to achieve a more rapid effect, you should take a pill before a meal. But the drug intake should be agreed with a doctor and it determines you need to treat Eriacta dosage. Causes of erectile dysfunction are many, sometimes only to be treated underlying disease, but sometimes should take Viagra. This group of drugs is not addictive; do not interfere with the ability to conceive, rather - on the contrary, help in conception. What else to note is the opportunity to experience several orgasms in a single use of the drug, as Eriacta allows multiple reduce the refractory period.